Bypassing Apple’s limitations on iPhone Users by Jailbreak

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It’s been years that Iranian iPhone users are struggling against Apple’s sanctions on Iranian popular applications uploaded by Iranian IOS developers and startups on AppStore. More info: Apple, Citing U.S. Sanctions, Removes Popular Apps in Iran

After removing (Almost) all Iranian popular, financial and important applications on AppStore, Iranian developers decided to find a new solution instead of Apple’s official AppStore like CafeBazaar on Android side for Iranian users who can’t use Android after years of working with IOS. After a period of time, developers decided to develop a new Iranian AppStore for IOS users to be able to use Iranian financial, popular apps on their iPhones. After another period of time of using PWA and Ad-hoc method, Apple detected the most users who have been using such methods as an alternative solution as users been paying money to such platforms each months to be able to install some free apps. But fortunately, the PWA method is still working but it’s not what we expected.

Alternative ways of using Iranian Applications

You can still use Ad-hoc method but it will be very expensive and unfair. The other way which some platforms and websites suggested is using PWA method.

The Best solution

What I really found interesting and Free after Apple detected my device and disabled my applications (which I have installed (And paid) from an Iranian AppStore by using Ad-hoc method) was to test Jailbreak and then install Iranian applications without the need of any payment. The current IOS version is 13.5 and hopefully there was a way of Jailbreak for this version using UnC0ver Jailbreak and installing AltStore.

The Best iPhone’s Twicks for using unsigned apps on Jailbreaked devices

Just go to Cydia and search for AppSync Unified.

Also, install Filza file manager to be able to install IPA files on your iPhone.

Best resources for this purpose

You can also find Iranian applications IPA files which are only available on Iranian Stores to buy on a Telegram channel and then copying it on Filza and then install for free.

Step by step: How to jailbreak IOS 13.5

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