New Achievements - Stack Overflow - Android Gold Badge

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First of all, I am really glad to share this moment with all of you, whether you’re a friend or a visitor. Actually, I’ve been active on Stack Overflow website since 7-8 years ago and I guess this is my last merged account which the registered date is about 6 years by the time of writing this article. Although I wasn’t really active for some months of some specific years, I believe that I’ve done my part and I’ll try to reach the “Trusted user” after some time for sure.

My English Proficiency Test

After receiving the Gold Badge of Android on Stack Overflow, which I believe I’m the first user in Iran (so far) who receives this, I’ve decided to study for my IELTS (English Test) but due to the pandemic (Corona Virus), I’ve decided to switch to the Duolingo English test which is an online test and received my certificate for Overall : 110 which is the equivalence to the IELTS 6.5. (Academic)

That’s all of it for now, wait for more :]