Useful Resources For Learning Android Development

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Here are some useful resources and links for those who are interested and want to start Android programming;

  • Android Developers official website which includes everything you need. Before start reading or being confused from where you should start, you’ll need to read Documentation for app developers.

  • Kotlin Programming Language website. Nowadays, java seems too lazy for Android Development process against Kotlin and that’s why most of developers are using Kotlin.

  • The Busy Coder’s Guide To Android Development (Final Version) book which supports most of the Android Development process. The book’s price is about to 20$ but you can always find the previous versions for free on the Internet.

  • Kotlin for Android Developers : learn Kotlin the easy way while developing an Android App one of the greatest books for Android Developers who are using Kotlin in their projects for Android. You can download this book for free from here.

  • Android Arsenal is a website which includes Android development useful libraries, tools and apps. Even most of the libraries has uploaded the example of the output in APK section of the library so you can see how it works. They’ve included and submitted the whole Github libraries, tools related to Android development there.

  • Introduction to Java programming starting and learning Java from basics is always a good idea to develop Android applications later. Although, Kotlin takes the Java place but you’ll still need that Java.

  • If you prefer videos rather than PDFs then you may want to take a look at Udacity website and check courses starting by “Android” keyword!

Other useful websites like Stack Overflow are so great to ask or find solution related to Android prograamming issues However, it needs a background of Android Development.

Last update: 2019-08-04 - 13/5/1398